Our Feature


1. SMS Template for personalized SMS
- Create up to 3 templates for your SMS
- Add Header and Footer to your SMS


  2. Send Bulk –SMS with personalized content
- Send up to 50, 000 SMS with personalized content

3. Phonebook with Ms-Excel integration
- It is easy to create your phonebook with MS-Excel. Just add user and group or make it customized


4 MS-Excel SMS Birthday /Wish
- Create your birthday/wish list schedule and the system will send it for you
- System can accept IC No as the send date, It’s easy !


5. Open ETSI
- SMS API , send SMS from your web content


6. Ms-Excel SMS Alert
- You can attach your event date in MS-Excel to the system field. System will send the SMS according to the date you provide.


7. SMS On Schedule
- You can create up to 1 year list of SMS with MS-Excel, upload it and the system will send the SMS which are of the valid current year.


8. Send SMS up to 800 characters
- Now you can send the whole bulletin to your customers.



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